A Fellow Advocate Speaks Out About Bipolar

I have found a fellow advocate who speaks openly about his experience with bipolar disorder. He has joined the ranks of those who talk openly, without shame, about what are clearly medical disorders deserving the same treatment as any medical illness. And these are words coming from direct experience.

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The Cross X Roads: Bipolar Disorder Support

“Bipolar Disorder is not a choice. It is a stigmatized isolating diagnosis and I am tired of hiding! I am going to fight to give the young, the old, the diagnosed, and undiagnosed a voice. We don't need to be afraid.
We no longer need to be silent…” R.A.

Please take a look at this wonderful comprehensive site. This is not only a personal blog, but contains a wealth of information on bipolar disorder.


“Say What You Need To Say”
You are NOT Alone.