Participate in Editing the DSM-5

The American Psychiatric Association is again revising the old Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV, 1994). The DSM-5 will hopefully be published in 2013.

Certain brain disorders are being redefined and their diagnostic criteria being clarified. Depersonalization Disorder, for the first time, will be recognized as a disorder that can be COMORBID with other disorders -- not simply a secondary symptom.

We all need to participate to support this change, and reiterate the need for education of physicians and other mental health professionals who seem very ill-informed on our disorder. It is important we speak up in numbers. Depersonalization Disorder is far more common than believed. Help make this known to the APA. This will subsequently affect (and be reflected in) the updated ICD (International Classification of Medical Disorders.)

We must be heard! Read on and follow the link to participate. Read More...