DPD No Longer a Dissociative Disorder in DSM-5?

Medicine never stops evolving. This is a critical update on research that may redefine Depersonalization Disorder. This is a letter to the editor of Biological Psychiatry emphasizing a need to move DPD from the category of Dissociative Disorders in the DSM-5.

As I have noted before, my understanding of my own disorder is only as good as the latest research. Here is a sampling of comments from the letter. The entire study will be published soon. This is tantalizing information that may have a profound impact on research, treatment, and prevention of this terribly disabling syndrome.

This is certainly not the end of the road, but could guide us in the right direction. There is already enough dissension among those working on the new DSM-5.

Thanks again to the Depersonalization Research Unit at Kings College, London. Read More...