Link Updates and Diagnoses Defined

For those battling mental disorders and the stigma associated with them, it seems psychiatry and neurology are working at a snail’s pace. However, as I’ve noted so many times, the brain is the most complex organ in the body and advances in neurology and all medicine contribute to the understanding of all illnesses.

The “current” DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) was released in 1994. It was in essence out of date before it was published. The DSM-5 will most likely be coming out in 2013. The DSM is uniquely associated with the United States, in part because of Freud’s tremendous influence here. Another document, The ICD (The World Health Organization’s International Classification of Diseases) includes many disorders noted in the DSM, but has coded them differently and placed certain disorders in different categories -- though in many ways their definitions are identical indicating the universality of such disorders in individuals worldwide.

The ICD first included psychiatric disorders in 1949, the first DSM was published in 1952. As in all medical fields technology has increased our understanding of all diseases. And the changes can be dramatic.
It is my belief that the DSM will become part of the WHO’s ICD and there will be no DSM-6. We do need more universal codification in many diagnostic categories in the DSM and ICD, and this is currently are a matter of bitter debate.

Now, see more for updated links on the disorders I have, and have discussed in my symptom section. I again cannot say with certainty which contributed more to my illnesses -- Nature or Nurture. But Nature and Nurture are inextricably linked. This again refers back to the Stress-Diathesis model of ANY illness.

Caveat Emptor: If this were an official research paper I would have detailed citations for the information provided. Do not rely on this general information as detailed or fully acurate. I am only attempting to illustrate the complexity of diagnosing mental disorders. Read More...

J.D. Blom - Studies in Altered States of Consciousness

I have found (through a fellow DP sufferer) another doctor who I feel is moving in the right direction with research that may shed more light on Depersonalization Disorder.
Like Oliver Sacks, M.D. and V.S. Ramachandran, M.D., a new name, Dr. J.D. Blom has come to my attention -- psychiatrist in the Netherlands attempting to understand the definition of "Self."
He is also involved in delving deeper into schizophrenia, bipolar, and other illnesses which can cause hallucinations.
I was struck with his discussion of the cenesthesiopathies -- "… aberrant somatosensory sensations and disturbances in the sensation of physical existence." I have provided links to Abstracts on some of his current research. Read More...