DP Mentioned in WSJ Therapy Dog Article!

I am thrilled that a friend brought this to my attention. This article about therapy dogs specifically mentions a woman with dissociation and panic. We are not alone. One by one, we get the word out.
You will find Annie Roeder’s story in the body of the article. Click HERE to read the entire article.

Rise in Pets as Therapy for Mental Conditions
Animals Help People With Autism, PTSD, Other Conditions Function Day-to-Day
By Shirley S. Wang
Wall Street Journal
Nov. 4, 2013

“Animals increasingly are being used to assist patients with mental disorders, as evidence grows that they can help people with autism, PTSD and other conditions function in their everyday lives.

Annie Roeder, 29, of Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., has dissociative disorder, a condition that involves sporadic memory loss, feelings of detachment from oneself and perceptions that people and objects aren't real. She says her psychiatric-service dog, Bamboo, a basset hound-beagle mix, helps her when she is having an anxiety attack or feels out of touch with reality. The dog alerts Ms. Roeder when the episode is occurring and will lay down on her lap to stabilize her. Ms. Roeder says she doesn't know whether Bamboo is detecting a change in her actions or something else. "He just knows" when an attack is coming, she says.

Ms. Roeder says she used to be afraid to spend much time in public in case she had a dissociative episode. But since getting Bamboo 2½ years ago she now feels safe to engage in regular activities outside her home.”

Photo © Josh Ritchie for The Wall Street Journal
Bamboo the therapy dog

Here’s to Annie and Bamboo! And many thanks to journalist Shirley S. Wang for this article.