Catching Up - What I'm Up To

It has been quite a while since I have given a progress report. I am spending less time working on this site and more time developing it into a memoir.

I regret not being able to respond to many emails. I appreciate each and every one. Please know your words make me feel less alone.

My DP and DR remain chronic but manageable -- they are less frightening but still keep me quite isolated. I will say perhaps I have come to “accept” this state yet still consider this a horrible symptom which steals joy from my life every day.

I also still have chronic anxiety and depression; my depression is currently under control. The anxiety comes and goes but manifests mainly as anticipatory anxiety or social anxiety. I continue to force myself to socialize though I feel calmer when life is on my own terms. I am overall an anxious individual, and anxiety is in a sense always “rumbling away” under the surface.
I remain on the same medications noted in my meds and therapy chapter.

In terms of therapy, I continue to work with my ACSW using Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. I also see a psychiatrist about thee times a year for medication monitoring.

Please be aware that much of the research into Depersonalization/Derealization Disorder (as it is now called in the DSM-5) on this site is already out of date. I am thrilled by major breakthroughs in mental heath research over the past fifteen years which I am certain will lead to greater understanding of this disorder.

Please refer to the IoP website in particular for updates, or search PubMed or similar resources. Also joining any DP support group online will yield updated information.

I wish you all the best. Peace and peace of mind. As always, keep fighting so you may experience even the simplest joys.

Be Well,