First DP Network Television Interview - A Milestone

Stranger to My Self author Jeffrey Abugel discusses depersonalization on Channel 8's “Let's Talk Live, Washington DC. The first live discussion of DPD on a major television station. This is a major milestone in getting the word out about DP/DR. Thank you Jeff!

New DP Book Released

Jeffrey Abugel, co-author of
Feeling Unreal: Depersonalization Disorder and the Loss of the Self, has just published another book on the topic.

Stranger To My Self is an inside, in-depth look at what has become a growing epidemic -- Depersonalization Disorder. Written in clear language for the layperson, the book is designed to expose depersonalization, the third most common psychiatric symptom, to a broad general audience that has yet to know of the disorder.”

Please visit this link at
AMAZON.COM to order a copy. Just released!