DP Sufferer in The News

Kudos to Carol W. Berman, M.D. for her Huffington Post article on a twenty year sufferer of Depersonalization Disorder.

A brief sample of Out Of His Body: A Case Of Depersonalization Disorder:

"One day I was walking around the city, minding my own business, when suddenly I found myself looking down at myself from somewhere near the awning of a store. It was unreal and the weirdest thing in the world!" he exclaimed, his hands shaking. "Since then, and that was 20 years ago, I've had one experience like that after another and never completely felt like I was back in my body. I constantly feel spaced out."

Read the entire article here: Out of His Body

Carol W. Berman, M.D. is an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at NYU Medical Center.

Depersonalization Disorder is appearing more frequently in the media, finally. Please share these stories with others and with your mental health care providers. You are NOT alone.