Bob Swims For Suicide Awareness

Bob Needham -- Finding His Way -- Swimming Across the English Channel for Suicide Awareness -- August 2013:


“A dozen years ago life held much promise. I had a successful professional and family life. Unfortunately, mental health issues brought it all abruptly to a halt, sending me down a perilous path. At the end of this path I found myself believing that suicide was the only way I could escape the pain. Luckily for me that despite my actions, this proved to be false. 

It has taken me years to navigate my way back to health. Thankfully, I have had excellent medical care helping me to find my way out of the darkness. This path has brought me back to a dream of mine: to swim the English Channel. More importantly, I've decided to reach out to others who in the darkness of their pain are contemplating taking their own life, and to those surviving families and friends who suffer from suicide's devastating effects.”

Bob will be taking on the English Channel this summer - August of 2013. Join his team. We all must end the stigma of mental illness.

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