A Dream Deferred

I was never able to pursue my earliest dreams. I loved the Arts -- music, theatre, dance, fine art, and film. I was inspired to be a part of the entertainment industry in many ways and film was pure magic that seemed to pull all of these things together and preserve them forever.

This clip from a Truffaut film makes me very nostalgic for that which can never be.

"Le Cinema Règne" (Cinema Rules) is how Truffaut describes the feeling when everything falls into place during filming. I have known this feeling; I have experienced it acting in plays, singing in a Master Chorale, performing a dance, and indeed working in film production.

I realize I have other gifts to offer the world, but it is frustrating to never know what could have been if I had not been fighting with a brain disorder. I don’t ask for sympathy. I only ask for understanding.

I have now found another voice, in my advocacy; perhaps that was always my destiny.