Creative Illustrations of Mental States

Rubyetc has again come up with some drawings that beautifully capture numerous mental states. She brings, anxiety, fear, mania, apathy, and depersonalization to life in a series of gifs.
I have posted anxiety, dissociation, and depersonalization here, but you must have a look at the entire work which indeed vibrates and brings these sensations “to life”; sometimes feelings and emotions can only be expressed through art or music.

Visit Rubyetc’s work
HERE on Tumblr. She has some great examples of dissociation and depersonalization as well as depression, mania and more.
©Rubyetc, 2014
Spot on Ruby!

Below … imagine if your mind were a box … this would be ...


Illustrating Depersonalization

The DP Disconnect

© rubyetc
Visit her wonderful collection of illustrations dealing with her own mental health struggles and her humorous take on life in general.
Ruby’s Wonderful Work - Click Here