Why Do I Talk So Openly? - I Have To

As Simi Lichtman, (Associate Editor, New Voices Magazine) so eloquently states:

Mental Health Patients: Ending Stigma Must Come From Us

"I don't think everyone needs to publicize their disorders; I believe that many people need their privacy for reasons other than fear of stigmatization. But to hide it completely is to give in to the stigma and encourage its continuation. We need to be honest about our conditions with ourselves and others if we want others to stop judging us. Once we as patients are able to speak about our illnesses candidly, we can place the pressure on the rest of the world to accept us openly; until then, we cannot expect more of others than we are willing to offer ourselves."

We really have no choice, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. To read the full article in the Huffington Post, CLICK HERE. <-------------