I am neither a doctor nor a mental health care professional. My statements in this website should never be interpreted as a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.

Depersonalization can potentially accompany many if not all mental illnesses/neuropsychiatric disorders, as well as epilepsy, migraine, stroke, severe head trauma, and brain tumors. To put your mind at ease, and know what illness(es) you are dealing with, you must get a complete physical and mental work-up and a diagnosis of your symptoms by an M.D. psychiatrist. Getting a proper diagnosis means getting the proper treatment plan.

Any and all research here is strictly my own. It is not comprehensive. It reflects my current interpretation as to how my illness evolved and supports the theories I present here. My opinions should not be interpreted as a definitive explanation of the cause of my depersonalization or of depersonalization in general. There are many unique subtypes of this illness. My theories are also constantly evolving as are those of mental health researchers.

This site is not intended to represent the experience of any other person with depersonalization. I only hope it strikes a chord with others who suffer from the same illness and offers some helpful information, support and comfort.

Please DO NOT confuse the syndrome of Depersonalization with that of Dissociative Identity Disorder, DID, which was formerly termed Multiple Personality Disorder, MPD.

Depersonalization and Derealization are severe perceptual distortions unto themselves.

"We're not alone, we're just as sick as our secrets."
- Joey Pantoliano -
President and Founder, "No Kidding, Me Too!"

“Hopefully, in my lifetime, I will witness the day when being completely open about my mental illness will not be viewed as a matter of courage, but a matter of fact.”
- Karen Griffin Jolley -
Voices Across The World: Living With Mental Illness

Thank you for visiting. I hope this site is of help to you.
Sandy Gale